Diorama Scene

Hi everyone, big progress this week, we got our first test diorama finished!
My part on the diorama was adjusting all the props, unwrapping and texturing them.
The props I made are

– Office Phone
– Standing lamp
– 2 plants ( One “Sansevieria” and one “Codiaeum Variegatum”)
– The computer setup (reworked so the edges aren’t to close to each other)
– Bullet
– Door (the texturing and unwrapping of it)

Then I also made it possible so the office chair and computer monitor could be breakable.
I also did the placement of most of the props, the lighting setup, skybox, camera (Edge detection, AO and AA), and I reworked our color swatch.

I also made a custom shader for 2 sided materials for when we are using planes (These are used here for the planes of the plant leaves).

Tigo will be uploading a photo of the global view, but here are some close-ups.


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