Lenny Credits

Crunch time is over, there was still a lot of stuff we really wanted to add, but a deadline is a deadline unfortunately. All by all we are really happy with the result though, personally I really think it’s a fun game, it was a lot of fun to work on, and I learned a lot about teamwork and planning. And of course made some good friends while doing so!

So the last thing I worked on was designing the layout for the credits scene, and attaching it to the main menu scene.

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And a serious number of bug fixing, and making of the trailer for our game!
(Link trailer)

What a ride it has been, I’m already wondering what our next project will be.
Thanks for following our blog,

if you want to see some more of my personal work, feel free to check out my artstation

– Louis



Building adjustments + 3 Floors + Props

This week my job was cleaning the building!
The building has gotten a few floors less in height for performance and time limitations.
After that I cleaned up the staircase area and fixed the colors there.
When that was done I finished decorating 3 more floors, one more to go.
The boss office.

To finish up I also added a few more props/prefabs + breakable.

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Crunch week is here, Let’s see how much more we can create in 7 days!
Be sure to stay updated, because things are changing quick!
– Louis

Weapon Updates + Particles

This week I worked on updating some weapons!

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After these weapons were updated I spend some time learning how to work with particles in Unity, and I actually really started to like it. Here are some gif’s showing my progress!

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I’ve also been working on making “Barry”, our main character, into a 3D-printed model!

foto (2)


Level Blockout

So same as Istvan and Tigo, I also worked on the level design this week.
I made the inside walls of the first and third floor and decorated the first one already.
There are still some problems we need to take care of, but it is starting to come along pretty nice.


Level Design + Breaking of meshes + Mesh Updates

This week I worked on some level design again, I reworked my 3dsmax mesh of the level, and remade it in Unity with some extras. There is still quite some work to be done, and we are working on a way to go around the Zfighting of the walls of the buildings.


I also made all of our production meshes breakable so we can start implementing them when our level is complete without any problems.


While doing this, I also remade some meshes here and there, and unwrapped/textures the props Tom modelled.

Diorama Scene

Hi everyone, big progress this week, we got our first test diorama finished!
My part on the diorama was adjusting all the props, unwrapping and texturing them.
The props I made are

– Office Phone
– Standing lamp
– 2 plants ( One “Sansevieria” and one “Codiaeum Variegatum”)
– The computer setup (reworked so the edges aren’t to close to each other)
– Bullet
– Door (the texturing and unwrapping of it)

Then I also made it possible so the office chair and computer monitor could be breakable.
I also did the placement of most of the props, the lighting setup, skybox, camera (Edge detection, AO and AA), and I reworked our color swatch.

I also made a custom shader for 2 sided materials for when we are using planes (These are used here for the planes of the plant leaves).

Tigo will be uploading a photo of the global view, but here are some close-ups.


Revamping some old models + Level Design

This week I have updated some models for the menu scene to work out mostly.
Updated a corner desk, a coffeemaker,  a colt 1911, a radio and I made some mugs.
I also was working on rounding up some props that we’re as good as done.
I imported the closets Tigo made, and updated a desk chair Tom made.


As for the rest of the time I was working on the final level design.
I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a very time consuming job, and that it takes longer than expected to get it just the way I want it.
Updates will follow soon.


I also experimented with around 20 sky boxes, to see what colors would fit our scene in contrast the most. As seen in Istvan’s post and the picture above.

As for now Tigo and me are working on making a small test diorama to see if the feel of the game is just about right.

All by all, big thanks to Istvan these last 2 weeks, he has been helping us artists a lot.