Models, characters and credits scene!

Hey all,

Tomorrow is our exam so we are doing our last changes now! I did quite alot this week, starting with adding props to the 6th floor.


At the same time a also made some final models to fill up the scene more, like a watermachine, a window washer elevator, a fan, a tv and an airco.


After that I’ve spend a lot of time on modeling all my team mates. This was for our credits scene where we show what everybody did. If you click a statue you go to the room with the work of that guy.


After that I’ve made 2 rooms for that credit scene. Tom’s room;


and finally my room with all my work that I’ve done for the game!


So that’s it for the our game! We will post a build for it and tomorow is our exam so I hope it goes well!

Thanks for following

Tigo out.

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