Level Blockout

So same as Istvan and Tigo, I also worked on the level design this week.
I made the inside walls of the first and third floor and decorated the first one already.
There are still some problems we need to take care of, but it is starting to come along pretty nice.


Spline Tool + Character Skinning with Export to Unity

Hello, this week I worked on a small spline tool for our game and prepared  2 characters ready for Unity.

The spline tool was meant for the grenade I implemented last week I wanted to indicate somehow where it would be possible to throw it. With that I also added a splineWalker tool for any Object to follow trajectory.


I also skinned two of our characters modeled by Tigo, applied a rig to them and exported them to Unity.


Level design and stuff

This week I was less focused on code, and more on art. After the implementation of the working animation in test scene I took some time to help the artists.

To start off with, I made the building:
And to help the artist for making the floors, I made the Templates:
Also, to spare some time for the artist, after they did their level block out, so they could start the decoration process, I took care of fixing the inner walls, intersections, unwrap and so. I also took the time to redo the level I did last week in max instead:
With the decorated levels of the artists, I helped myself decorate my own level. (way faster and easier to just copy and drag :p )
As final part of the level design process. I merged the scenes with the different decorated floors and restructured everything. Such as lights, props, and their transforms. While on it, I also fixed some prefabs and errors. (missing stuff, orientation issues, gravity issues)

As result: (taken before fixing some issues, as you might notice in the second gif)

Shout out to the artists though, for making most of these props, and also making all the props breakable and making the prefabs, Also, for their decoration process to fill the level.

21 floors to go…..


Level Blockout + Decoration + Props

This week I worked on making the inside walls and the decoration of the floors.

So the level blockout is mainly just dividing the space we have for each floor into different types of rooms. For each floor this will be a little bit different so that the player doesn’t have to much repetitiveness.

After that we have to drag all our props (which we made into breakable prefabs) into the level and decorate each room so that it looks like a nice office!


I also made some props for the conference room.

Aiming + Grenade + Army AI


this week I wrote the Behaviour of a Grenada that destoys everything in its radius. I am also working right now on a preview system that should indicate the trajectory of the grenade which is not yet finished.

Another thing I tweaked or shooting a bit so that our gun actually follows the mouse cursor which is indicated by an crosshair while holding the gun.

I worked also a bit on the Army AI which itself is working mostly fine.


Level Design + Breaking of meshes + Mesh Updates

This week I worked on some level design again, I reworked my 3dsmax mesh of the level, and remade it in Unity with some extras. There is still quite some work to be done, and we are working on a way to go around the Zfighting of the walls of the buildings.


I also made all of our production meshes breakable so we can start implementing them when our level is complete without any problems.


While doing this, I also remade some meshes here and there, and unwrapped/textures the props Tom modelled.

UI implementation

So the biggest update I did this week was implementing the UI. This means, the health, chaos, score and challenge GUI’s.team07_prod_31

I also made a small Splash scene including a prototype of the animation we want.


Aside from that I also played around making an own toon shader. I succeeded in making a post compiling toon-shader, but if we’re going to use it, it’ll need some patches first.


As last, I also helped the artists a bit by modelling a copy machine, a tape holder and a trophy.