Lenny Credits

Crunch time is over, there was still a lot of stuff we really wanted to add, but a deadline is a deadline unfortunately. All by all we are really happy with the result though, personally I really think it’s a fun game, it was a lot of fun to work on, and I learned a lot about teamwork and planning. And of course made some good friends while doing so!

So the last thing I worked on was designing the layout for the credits scene, and attaching it to the main menu scene.

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And a serious number of bug fixing, and making of the trailer for our game!
(Link trailer)

What a ride it has been, I’m already wondering what our next project will be.
Thanks for following our blog,

if you want to see some more of my personal work, feel free to check out my artstation

– Louis



Models, characters and credits scene!

Hey all,

Tomorrow is our exam so we are doing our last changes now! I did quite alot this week, starting with adding props to the 6th floor.


At the same time a also made some final models to fill up the scene more, like a watermachine, a window washer elevator, a fan, a tv and an airco.


After that I’ve spend a lot of time on modeling all my team mates. This was for our credits scene where we show what everybody did. If you click a statue you go to the room with the work of that guy.


After that I’ve made 2 rooms for that credit scene. Tom’s room;


and finally my room with all my work that I’ve done for the game!


So that’s it for the our game! We will post a build for it and tomorow is our exam so I hope it goes well!

Thanks for following

Tigo out.

Building adjustments + 3 Floors + Props

This week my job was cleaning the building!
The building has gotten a few floors less in height for performance and time limitations.
After that I cleaned up the staircase area and fixed the colors there.
When that was done I finished decorating 3 more floors, one more to go.
The boss office.

To finish up I also added a few more props/prefabs + breakable.

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Crunch week is here, Let’s see how much more we can create in 7 days!
Be sure to stay updated, because things are changing quick!
– Louis

Road props, car colors and more!


team07_prod_072This week I’ve filled the parking lot and road with props and cars. For the cars I made different textures so they have multiple colors, for the road I made more props like a road sign, barrier and lights.


I’ve also done a lot of small stuff, like making more animations, making more floor meshes and make em ready to be implemented and make buttons for the elevator to be easily handled.

The next week is the last one before our exam! So we are going to work hard and bring a lot more polishing to the game.

See you in a week!

Lots of stuff (menu/level + gameplay + feedback)

First of, I want to apologize for not posting last week.

I have been quite busy, but now I took the time to share my progress.

To start with, I redid the menu whole menu scene, taking the environment of the playable level, and using our final models. Redid the transition animations to match this scene and optimizing some things in the scene.
I also added more feedback for the player to the radio.
I also worked on fixing the pause scene, with help of Thomas who fixed the mouse/cursor issue.

As for the game-play, I added a flickering behavior when you get hit.

Also, the arms now follow the camera rotation, so that when you look up or down, your arms will follow.

To finish this up, I also looked already a bit in cleaning and reorganizing the assets in our project that were obsolete or not used. Further work will be done on this.

Sky box and outside props

This week I’ve made a new skybox which fits the style way better then a normal one, just a clean gradient but in my opinion it looks awesome!


After that I did again some modeling, this time I made some traffic signs and other props for the road!


That’s it for this week!

Car, AK, Toilet models and minor tweaks

This week I’ve modeled some more items for the programmers like a car and an ak. I also made our toilet cabine so people don’t have to watch each other when they are on the toilet.




Last but not least I did some things like making important items bigger. Example of this are hands and the baseball bat.