Boss+Countless Fixes


the last few days were very intense for us we crunched through it to fix so many things, we even had to leave some stuff out to finish on time.

Some of these things are:

Boss character AI for the game as final last challenge for the player.


  • A Floor based AI spawn System that deactivates Workers on different floors and spawn police with army  on the player floor.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that made unity crash when spawning enemies (which was also caused by my code).
  • Set all the individual  paths of the workers in the Main level.

Still this entire project was a great experience I learned so much about GameDevelopment by actually making a full game.


I also want to give a big shout out to my  team full of amazing people.  Louis, Tigo, Tom and Istvan. It was a blast to workwith you guys and I can’t wait to sleep now finally a bit.





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