Broken as every prop in the game

This last week I fixed some functionality bugs in my code.
I reworked the elevator code a bit.
I made the broken parts fade away.

Consecutive hitting that interrupt previous running animation.

Also for the credit scene, made all the animations  and interactions, and filled up my own office.

Skinned and rigged the boss, and implemented the ragdoll.


Sorry for the lack of images, but second night in a row with no sleep.



Lenny Credits

Crunch time is over, there was still a lot of stuff we really wanted to add, but a deadline is a deadline unfortunately. All by all we are really happy with the result though, personally I really think it’s a fun game, it was a lot of fun to work on, and I learned a lot about teamwork and planning. And of course made some good friends while doing so!

So the last thing I worked on was designing the layout for the credits scene, and attaching it to the main menu scene.

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And a serious number of bug fixing, and making of the trailer for our game!
(Link trailer)

What a ride it has been, I’m already wondering what our next project will be.
Thanks for following our blog,

if you want to see some more of my personal work, feel free to check out my artstation

– Louis



Boss+Countless Fixes


the last few days were very intense for us we crunched through it to fix so many things, we even had to leave some stuff out to finish on time.

Some of these things are:

Boss character AI for the game as final last challenge for the player.


  • A Floor based AI spawn System that deactivates Workers on different floors and spawn police with army  on the player floor.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that made unity crash when spawning enemies (which was also caused by my code).
  • Set all the individual  paths of the workers in the Main level.

Still this entire project was a great experience I learned so much about GameDevelopment by actually making a full game.


I also want to give a big shout out to my  team full of amazing people.  Louis, Tigo, Tom and Istvan. It was a blast to workwith you guys and I can’t wait to sleep now finally a bit.





Looots of updates, patches and bug fixes

So final week for the exams I did quite a lot.

To start with, I made the copy machine interactable. When pressing ‘E’ when next to it, a copy will come out.

I added an icon for the build.

Another thing I did was make the baseball bat breakable. Each time you hit something with the bat, health will be removed (viewable in the ammo GUI). When the bat is out of health, it shatters into pieces right in your hands!

I also implemented lots of sounds into the scene, from moving cars to background music to breaking sounds to shooting noises.

God mode is another thing I implemented, within this mode the player can fly around, teleport, doesn’t have collisions and isn’t vulnerable at all.

I did some small updates like:

  • The color of the timer now changes when you’re having bonus time instead of doing a challenge.
  • Enemies now give money and chaos when you kill them. The GUI is now scaleable.
  • I added some more challenges like destroy a car, buy a soda and print a copy.

And last but not least I did looooooooots of patches and bug fixes.





Models, characters and credits scene!

Hey all,

Tomorrow is our exam so we are doing our last changes now! I did quite alot this week, starting with adding props to the 6th floor.


At the same time a also made some final models to fill up the scene more, like a watermachine, a window washer elevator, a fan, a tv and an airco.


After that I’ve spend a lot of time on modeling all my team mates. This was for our credits scene where we show what everybody did. If you click a statue you go to the room with the work of that guy.


After that I’ve made 2 rooms for that credit scene. Tom’s room;


and finally my room with all my work that I’ve done for the game!


So that’s it for the our game! We will post a build for it and tomorow is our exam so I hope it goes well!

Thanks for following

Tigo out.