Broken as every prop in the game

This last week I fixed some functionality bugs in my code.
I reworked the elevator code a bit.
I made the broken parts fade away.

Consecutive hitting that interrupt previous running animation.

Also for the credit scene, made all the animations  and interactions, and filled up my own office.

Skinned and rigged the boss, and implemented the ragdoll.


Sorry for the lack of images, but second night in a row with no sleep.



Boss+Countless Fixes


the last few days were very intense for us we crunched through it to fix so many things, we even had to leave some stuff out to finish on time.

Some of these things are:

Boss character AI for the game as final last challenge for the player.


  • A Floor based AI spawn System that deactivates Workers on different floors and spawn police with army  on the player floor.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that made unity crash when spawning enemies (which was also caused by my code).
  • Set all the individual  paths of the workers in the Main level.

Still this entire project was a great experience I learned so much about GameDevelopment by actually making a full game.


I also want to give a big shout out to my  team full of amazing people.  Louis, Tigo, Tom and Istvan. It was a blast to workwith you guys and I can’t wait to sleep now finally a bit.





Looots of updates, patches and bug fixes

So final week for the exams I did quite a lot.

To start with, I made the copy machine interactable. When pressing ‘E’ when next to it, a copy will come out.

I added an icon for the build.

Another thing I did was make the baseball bat breakable. Each time you hit something with the bat, health will be removed (viewable in the ammo GUI). When the bat is out of health, it shatters into pieces right in your hands!

I also implemented lots of sounds into the scene, from moving cars to background music to breaking sounds to shooting noises.

God mode is another thing I implemented, within this mode the player can fly around, teleport, doesn’t have collisions and isn’t vulnerable at all.

I did some small updates like:

  • The color of the timer now changes when you’re having bonus time instead of doing a challenge.
  • Enemies now give money and chaos when you kill them. The GUI is now scaleable.
  • I added some more challenges like destroy a car, buy a soda and print a copy.

And last but not least I did looooooooots of patches and bug fixes.





UI changes, Vending machines and Rewards

This week I started with updating the new UI, including a new health symbol and giving the meelee weapins an icon as well when they’re equiped.

After that I finished the vending machines which were actually planned a while ago, but they’re now fully functional!


The last thing I did this was giving the player a bonus multiplier each time they finish a challenge. The time the bonus lasts depends on how many challenges the player was able to complete.team07_prod_080

Player Grenade + GameOver Screen


this week I implemented also the grenade so the Player can use it like the AI. I also implemented an small GameOver screen once the player dies with some buttons. Like always additionaly to that some small bugfixes here and there and some additions to the Worker BehaviourTree.


The Grenade implementation eventhough simple was in the harder than expected because I hade to make it with all the scripts affecting the player.


The GameOver script is for now very simple and not the most stunning but it is useable.




Lots of stuff (menu/level + gameplay + feedback)

First of, I want to apologize for not posting last week.

I have been quite busy, but now I took the time to share my progress.

To start with, I redid the menu whole menu scene, taking the environment of the playable level, and using our final models. Redid the transition animations to match this scene and optimizing some things in the scene.
I also added more feedback for the player to the radio.
I also worked on fixing the pause scene, with help of Thomas who fixed the mouse/cursor issue.

As for the game-play, I added a flickering behavior when you get hit.

Also, the arms now follow the camera rotation, so that when you look up or down, your arms will follow.

To finish this up, I also looked already a bit in cleaning and reorganizing the assets in our project that were obsolete or not used. Further work will be done on this.

Guns, more challenges and lots of tweaking

So this week I started with making the AI able to drop guns, yes guns! (currently handguns, shotguns and AK47’s) The player is able to pickup guns when dropped and shoot them as long as the ammo lasts.
I also implemented the GUI for the ammo (see right corner of the screen, each guntype has it’s own image.


Appart from that I also added 2 more challenges, one to get the police to the building and one to get the army there (by smashing and killing a lot).

I also tweaked the following:

  • I replaced the timer GUI  clock image with a stopwatch image. I also added a red circle to make clearer it’s a timer and not just a clock.
  • The police army now spawn after more damage is dealth to add more of a challenge.
  • Changed the default font to a more toony like font.
  • Made “Challenge completed” pop-ups to pop unto your screen when completing a challenge.
  • Edited the game over text and replaced it to an image with an outline.
  • Fixed some bugs including shooting your entire magazine at once, falling damage, the bloodmask acting weird and sideways shooting.


More Bugfixes and Tweaking

Hello everyone,

it makes me proud to say that I think our little game is shaping up quite well. But this also means that now there are not that many elements left to implement. Now it is more improving what we already have or fixing the mistakes we made.

Included in these fixes from my side are, bigger Particle systems. Preventing our AI from suiciding, Giving the AI actual AIM and several smaller bugfixes.

We also looked into some ragdoll mechanic that we can hopefully present soon in the future.