Game Ideas – Tom

1. Burglar Game

As a very naughty burglar, you break into somebodies house to try and steal all of their goodies. There’s only one problem, the owners are still there. You’ll have to hide in closets/under beds etc… to avoid them while taking your loot, perhaps even some sabotage as well. I Was thinking to do this as a 2.5D game, so you can have a nice overview of where the owners are.

Game Ideas – Louis

After filtering a lot of ideas, these are some of my favorite ones I came up with

1. You’re Fired!

In this game you play as an office employee who has the worst day of his life.
You’re wife has just left you, your car broke down, and to top it off, your boss won’t take it anymore and fires you.
After this happens the game commences, and you have to earn points by going on a rampage in the office, breaking as many things as humanly possible.
Can work with a time limit, power-ups, hostile co-workers, hostile police, weapons, …

2. Paper Sails

In this game you play as a paper folded boat that is floating his way down a sewer system, that has to steer its way to the end of the level without taking too much damage. On your way you may encounter, whirlpools, other boats, rats, stones, cans, other garbage.
Collectibles and power-ups on your way can be found.

3. Caprice


Caprice is a game concept I have designed for game preproduction.
A short explanation can be found on the picture above


You have a message that needs to be delivered to your friend/lover in the other class room, and it is urgent!
In this game you play as a paper plane that has been released into the air.  You have to pass several obstacles, avoid being seen mid air, and keep enough velocity to reach the person. Travel through hallways, airvents, cracks in walls, …


Game Ideas – Thomas

I also got some idea’s for a game I want to share.

1.Corpse Platformer

The idea is that if the player die’s and respawns the corpse will still stay there and can be used as jumping pad or other uses like a weight or as a light resource by burning it. With this mechanic the difficulty gets automaticly adjusted by the performance of the player, the more he or she die’s the more opportunity to actually  beat the level.

2.Reverse God game

In this game the idea is instead of creating a Utopia, is to destroy it. The player see is in front of him a small happy village that is doomed by him or her.The player starts with only small actions of destruction like creating a cold for some citizens and collects points to fill up a chaos gauge that will unlock more destructive abilities like burning the crops, infecting all farm animals up to a zombie virus or natural disasters like earthquakes.

3.Graphics changing Puzzle Game

The idea is the player can switch between an pixelated 8 or 16-Bit graphics style and an modern one. By changing the world the player solves a variety of puzzles. For example objects like balls or round now in current game graphics but in older grraphics are thanks to pixels not very round and so not very moveable.


Game Ideas – Tigo

I came up with some game mechanic idea’s as well:

1. Magnetism

You can do a lot with a mechanic around magnetism. This can go from a puzzle game to walking on walls or the ceiling.

Walking on walls can also be changed to a new mechanic where the whole scene and dimensions change with you when you walk against a wall to make that wall the floor. This can have uses in many types of games like a normal puzzle game, where you have to use the walls and the ceilings to find your way trough the level. A shooter, where you can use the walls to disorient your oponent so you get an advantage over them. Or an agility jumping game.

2. Corruption bar

Another idea can be that you have some kind of bar filling up and when the bar is full, you lose the game. However, when you reach certain points in the bar, you gain extra powers. Those powers can be that you become stronger, jump further, can fly, you become bigger/smaller,…

So, how do they raise their corruption?

Well, there should be two ways. Firstly, simply pressing a button to (temporarily) increase the speed of corruption. Secondly, there should be special abilities that instantly increase corruption.

Maybe a heal action, maybe a speed increase, maybe an explosion, lasers, fire, magic etc.

This all means that  the player has to make a careful decision whether to raise their corruption to pass an area, hoping that they will reach the end of the game before their corruption hits 100%, or whether they should leave it and risk dying as a result of being too weak to get through whatever stage.

Game Ideas – Istvan

Some game ideas for this assignment.

1. Astral Projection

Platform/puzzle game which bases its game-play in leaving your body, with astral projection, to go through walls and other obstacles. There is a maximum range this spirit can leave the body, but it can be extended by using certain checkpoints in the level as some kind of bridges.

2. Blink

Platform/puzzle or infinite runner type of game with timer. The goal of this game is to reach the end point of the level, but the catch is that you can only move while your eyes are closed. While your eyes are open, everything is still, doesn’t move, nor makes a sound. As you close your eyes, everything starts moving faster until it reaches normal behavior, which occurs when your eyes are completely shut. There is a timer, so you have only so much time to keep your eyes open to analyze your next move. The eyes start closing when you press the mouse/eyes button (in case of touch screen) and close entirely either after releasing the key, or after having hold long enough for the eyes to have closed completely. Same flow goes for when opening your eyes. While your eyes are closed, you can still guide yourself through sound.