Camera fix + challenge system

So for a start I took a look at the weird webGL behaviour of the camera. For some reason the mouse doesn’t give any more feedback when reaching the border of your screen. This caused the player camera to be upside down and you couldn’t rotate it back to normal because then you’d reach the border of your screen first.
I kinda fixed this bug by clamping the Y rotation of the camera. This makes it possible to correct the wrong rotation you still get at the beginning of the prototype. The x rotation of the camera is still limited though.

I also added a challenges menu, which will pop up when pressing ‘M’. This menu contains a bunch of different gamemodes the player can choose from. This gives the game a goal and some ways to lose.


A reset button is also added. Sadly enough WebGL builds do not support the SceneManager directory, so the the reset button only works in the windows build itself.
You can still reset the game by refreshing the page on your browser.

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