Models, characters and credits scene!

Hey all,

Tomorrow is our exam so we are doing our last changes now! I did quite alot this week, starting with adding props to the 6th floor.


At the same time a also made some final models to fill up the scene more, like a watermachine, a window washer elevator, a fan, a tv and an airco.


After that I’ve spend a lot of time on modeling all my team mates. This was for our credits scene where we show what everybody did. If you click a statue you go to the room with the work of that guy.


After that I’ve made 2 rooms for that credit scene. Tom’s room;


and finally my room with all my work that I’ve done for the game!


So that’s it for the our game! We will post a build for it and tomorow is our exam so I hope it goes well!

Thanks for following

Tigo out.

Road props, car colors and more!


team07_prod_072This week I’ve filled the parking lot and road with props and cars. For the cars I made different textures so they have multiple colors, for the road I made more props like a road sign, barrier and lights.


I’ve also done a lot of small stuff, like making more animations, making more floor meshes and make em ready to be implemented and make buttons for the elevator to be easily handled.

The next week is the last one before our exam! So we are going to work hard and bring a lot more polishing to the game.

See you in a week!

Sky box and outside props

This week I’ve made a new skybox which fits the style way better then a normal one, just a clean gradient but in my opinion it looks awesome!


After that I did again some modeling, this time I made some traffic signs and other props for the road!


That’s it for this week!

Car, AK, Toilet models and minor tweaks

This week I’ve modeled some more items for the programmers like a car and an ak. I also made our toilet cabine so people don’t have to watch each other when they are on the toilet.




Last but not least I did some things like making important items bigger. Example of this are hands and the baseball bat.



Flega cafe preparation

So this week is kind of a late post because I kept forgetting to make one.

I’ve mainly worked on getting our game ready to show to a small public. First I’ve made a few more props for the kitchen in the building.


After that I did level decoration to make sure the building was interesting to walk in.


And last but not least I’ve made the cardboard to make our boot on the flega cafe nice and appealing!


Thats it for this week!

Level Blockout + Decoration + Props

This week I worked on making the inside walls and the decoration of the floors.

So the level blockout is mainly just dividing the space we have for each floor into different types of rooms. For each floor this will be a little bit different so that the player doesn’t have to much┬árepetitiveness.

After that we have to drag all our props (which we made into breakable prefabs) into the level and decorate each room so that it looks like a nice office!


I also made some props for the conference room.

Diorama Effects

This week I found some cool effects we could use in our diorama. This way we can visualise everything we are planning to do in our final game. Like the bullet trail, the words, and the style of the smoke. I also made a couch for 1 person and cooperated with Louis on putting the diorama together.

Character models


This week I’ve had some fun making character models for our game! I’ve made a base model and from there modeled some details for a police officer and a coworker. I also textured them using swatches. One more character model is needed when we are ready to implement soldiers into our game!



This week I worked on making the final bookcases for in the offices. I made 3 different so we can mix and match to create different set ups. Later I can make more variations with books and other stuff to fill them up with. I also textured them with swatches and broke them so they are game ready.