Boss+Countless Fixes


the last few days were very intense for us we crunched through it to fix so many things, we even had to leave some stuff out to finish on time.

Some of these things are:

Boss character AI for the game as final last challenge for the player.


  • A Floor based AI spawn System that deactivates Workers on different floors and spawn police with army  on the player floor.
  • Fixed an infinite loop that made unity crash when spawning enemies (which was also caused by my code).
  • Set all the individual  paths of the workers in the Main level.

Still this entire project was a great experience I learned so much about GameDevelopment by actually making a full game.


I also want to give a big shout out to my  team full of amazing people.  Louis, Tigo, Tom and Istvan. It was a blast to workwith you guys and I can’t wait to sleep now finally a bit.





Player Grenade + GameOver Screen


this week I implemented also the grenade so the Player can use it like the AI. I also implemented an small GameOver screen once the player dies with some buttons. Like always additionaly to that some small bugfixes here and there and some additions to the Worker BehaviourTree.


The Grenade implementation eventhough simple was in the harder than expected because I hade to make it with all the scripts affecting the player.


The GameOver script is for now very simple and not the most stunning but it is useable.




More Bugfixes and Tweaking

Hello everyone,

it makes me proud to say that I think our little game is shaping up quite well. But this also means that now there are not that many elements left to implement. Now it is more improving what we already have or fixing the mistakes we made.

Included in these fixes from my side are, bigger Particle systems. Preventing our AI from suiciding, Giving the AI actual AIM and several smaller bugfixes.

We also looked into some ragdoll mechanic that we can hopefully present soon in the future.

Character Prefabs and Bugfixing

Hello like probably read in the posts of my teammates this week was kinda chaotic we had the opportunity  to show our game to some people and for that we wanted to use our main level for which we had to fix several bugs.

I also implemented some prefabs with the actual character models for the different enemies and assigned them an animation. The animation part was done very quickly in a hurry by me so if I would like to redo it in the near future.



Spline Tool + Character Skinning with Export to Unity

Hello, this week I worked on a small spline tool for our game and prepared  2 characters ready for Unity.

The spline tool was meant for the grenade I implemented last week I wanted to indicate somehow where it would be possible to throw it. With that I also added a splineWalker tool for any Object to follow trajectory.


I also skinned two of our characters modeled by Tigo, applied a rig to them and exported them to Unity.


Aiming + Grenade + Army AI


this week I wrote the Behaviour of a Grenada that destoys everything in its radius. I am also working right now on a preview system that should indicate the trajectory of the grenade which is not yet finished.

Another thing I tweaked or shooting a bit so that our gun actually follows the mouse cursor which is indicated by an crosshair while holding the gun.

I worked also a bit on the Army AI which itself is working mostly fine.


AI Flocking + Police AI

Hello this week a rather small update from my side.

I added some basic flocking to the AI, it is based on Craig Reynolds version which uses 3 rules Separation, Alignment and Cohesion. The flocking will probably get in use in the final parts of the game where the player is supposed to be swarmed by a lot more enemies.

I also added  automatic Spawning for the Police force after  a certain Chaos value in the game is reached.

Like always I want to mention that there were also several small bug fixes from my side again.



AI overhaul + Highscores

In Gameplay Programming they taught us about the concept of Behaviour tree for AI, which I thought was very interesting so I rewrote the entire AI with an Behaviour tree design it still has some small bugs but in general works pretty well

Additionaly to that I added Highscores to the game I used the awesome site dreamlo partly for it which took over the part of SQL and PHP for me.


Tech Document

This week I worked on small bug fixes in my code and updated it with the naming convention of the tech document except that I worked on the tech document.

I also have been working on restructurizing the AI a bit by using different desing pattern which is still not finished but  I it hope makes the code once it’s finished more readable understandable.