Guns, more challenges and lots of tweaking

So this week I started with making the AI able to drop guns, yes guns! (currently handguns, shotguns and AK47’s) The player is able to pickup guns when dropped and shoot them as long as the ammo lasts.
I also implemented the GUI for the ammo (see right corner of the screen, each guntype has it’s own image.


Appart from that I also added 2 more challenges, one to get the police to the building and one to get the army there (by smashing and killing a lot).

I also tweaked the following:

  • I replaced the timer GUI  clock image with a stopwatch image. I also added a red circle to make clearer it’s a timer and not just a clock.
  • The police army now spawn after more damage is dealth to add more of a challenge.
  • Changed the default font to a more toony like font.
  • Made “Challenge completed” pop-ups to pop unto your screen when completing a challenge.
  • Edited the game over text and replaced it to an image with an outline.
  • Fixed some bugs including shooting your entire magazine at once, falling damage, the bloodmask acting weird and sideways shooting.


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