Graphics settings update + Splash screen

The lighting quality setting now includes realtime reflections. I pretty much got stuck with the anti aliasing settings because it only works on the meshes themselves and not with the borders the toon shader draws around them. I lost a lot of time searching for a solution which I didn’t really find yet.

I also started working on an intro splash screen. I already modeled the DAE logo and am currently animating it to later on put it into a new unity scene.



AI Flocking + Police AI

Hello this week a rather small update from my side.

I added some basic flocking to the AI, it is based on Craig Reynolds version which uses 3 rules Separation, Alignment and Cohesion. The flocking will probably get in use in the final parts of the game where the player is supposed to be swarmed by a lot more enemies.

I also added  automatic Spawning for the Police force after  a certain Chaos value in the game is reached.

Like always I want to mention that there were also several small bug fixes from my side again.



Diorama Scene

Hi everyone, big progress this week, we got our first test diorama finished!
My part on the diorama was adjusting all the props, unwrapping and texturing them.
The props I made are

– Office Phone
– Standing lamp
– 2 plants ( One “Sansevieria” and one “Codiaeum Variegatum”)
– The computer setup (reworked so the edges aren’t to close to each other)
– Bullet
– Door (the texturing and unwrapping of it)

Then I also made it possible so the office chair and computer monitor could be breakable.
I also did the placement of most of the props, the lighting setup, skybox, camera (Edge detection, AO and AA), and I reworked our color swatch.

I also made a custom shader for 2 sided materials for when we are using planes (These are used here for the planes of the plant leaves).

Tigo will be uploading a photo of the global view, but here are some close-ups.


Diorama Effects

This week I found some cool effects we could use in our diorama. This way we can visualise everything we are planning to do in our final game. Like the bullet trail, the words, and the style of the smoke. I also made a couch for 1 person and cooperated with Louis on putting the diorama together.

Props + level design + code

This week I worked a little less, due catching up of another course, on which I got behind due to illness and hospital appointments.

I started implementation code for cheat codes, but isn’t much at the moment.

I focused more on art this week, to help get some work of the artists, as they had a diorama assignment.

I made some props and took over the level design.
List of the props I made:
Wall_Short / Wall_ShortWindow / Wall_ShortDoor
Wall_Long / Wall_LongWindow / Wall_LongDoor
Wall_LowShort / Wall_LowLong / Pilar
DoorClosed_Handle1 / DoorCLosed_Handle2
DoorClosed_Window_Handle1 / DoorClosed_Window_Handle2
DoorOpen_Handle1 / DoorOpen_Handle2
DoorOpen_Window_Handle1 / DoorOpen_Window_Handle2
Archieve / Cabinet / Cabinet_Corner
TableGlass_SmallRound / TableGlass_BigRound / TableGlass_Oval
Couch / Clock (working with animation)

As for the level, I’m slowly building up one of the floors of the first buidling:

The end result should look a little like this (just a test building with elevators):
Note: each elevator will work individually once in game: for now they react to 0-1-2-3-4 according to the floor.

Revamping some old models + Level Design

This week I have updated some models for the menu scene to work out mostly.
Updated a corner desk, a coffeemaker,  a colt 1911, a radio and I made some mugs.
I also was working on rounding up some props that we’re as good as done.
I imported the closets Tigo made, and updated a desk chair Tom made.


As for the rest of the time I was working on the final level design.
I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a very time consuming job, and that it takes longer than expected to get it just the way I want it.
Updates will follow soon.


I also experimented with around 20 sky boxes, to see what colors would fit our scene in contrast the most. As seen in Istvan’s post and the picture above.

As for now Tigo and me are working on making a small test diorama to see if the feel of the game is just about right.

All by all, big thanks to Istvan these last 2 weeks, he has been helping us artists a lot.

New challenges + Graphics settings

This week I worked on a system to give the player challenges to break objects of one certain type (for example chairs only). All objects are included at the moment and to add new ones you simply have to put them in the right folder in the hierarchy.

I also worked on some of the graphics settings in a different scene to later put into the menu. I already covered lighting quality, shadow quality, anti aliasing and v-sync count.

Improved Menu scene + interaction + rig/skin/anim + stuff

This week I have done again, quite some work.

For starters, shortly after finishing the elevator, I made an automatic door, it opens when AI or the player gets nearby, and remains open, until all AI and/or enemy have left the premises of the door.

Next, I have also been focusing in polishing the main menu.

I improved the interaction scripts, visualized the scoreboard, interactive radio for audio settings and other settings as one hand/two hand weapon, and possibility of cheat codes. Also temporary implementation of graphics settings, made by a fellow programmer.

I also made some of the models: scoreboard, control display, post-it. Some of the other models, have been based on existing ones. As you might have noticed, the little guy statue, on which I just added, the foot, and made it interactive. Also the corner bookcase I made, has been based on the other bookcases of a fellow artist. I also made some variations on the existing bookcases, and a not corner version of the big bookcase. Also, added a little detail to the radio (speaker, bigger off and on buttons), which was also made by a fellow artist. Also made the unique textures for those props, and changed the mouse icon.

I also have been working on rigging skinning and animating the character. The model has been made by a fellow artist. I did however change the hands, to make it easier to open and close, for the rig/skin/animation. So far I have a running animation, walking, Idle, and waiting animation. Also the hands open and close, for holding weapons.

Finally, I also have been working on improving the pause menu.

Character models


This week I’ve had some fun making character models for our game! I’ve made a base model and from there modeled some details for a police officer and a coworker. I also textured them using swatches. One more character model is needed when we are ready to implement soldiers into our game!