Revamping some old models + Level Design

This week I have updated some models for the menu scene to work out mostly.
Updated a corner desk, a coffeemaker,  a colt 1911, a radio and I made some mugs.
I also was working on rounding up some props that we’re as good as done.
I imported the closets Tigo made, and updated a desk chair Tom made.


As for the rest of the time I was working on the final level design.
I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a very time consuming job, and that it takes longer than expected to get it just the way I want it.
Updates will follow soon.


I also experimented with around 20 sky boxes, to see what colors would fit our scene in contrast the most. As seen in Istvan’s post and the picture above.

As for now Tigo and me are working on making a small test diorama to see if the feel of the game is just about right.

All by all, big thanks to Istvan these last 2 weeks, he has been helping us artists a lot.

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