Improved Menu scene + interaction + rig/skin/anim + stuff

This week I have done again, quite some work.

For starters, shortly after finishing the elevator, I made an automatic door, it opens when AI or the player gets nearby, and remains open, until all AI and/or enemy have left the premises of the door.

Next, I have also been focusing in polishing the main menu.

I improved the interaction scripts, visualized the scoreboard, interactive radio for audio settings and other settings as one hand/two hand weapon, and possibility of cheat codes. Also temporary implementation of graphics settings, made by a fellow programmer.

I also made some of the models: scoreboard, control display, post-it. Some of the other models, have been based on existing ones. As you might have noticed, the little guy statue, on which I just added, the foot, and made it interactive. Also the corner bookcase I made, has been based on the other bookcases of a fellow artist. I also made some variations on the existing bookcases, and a not corner version of the big bookcase. Also, added a little detail to the radio (speaker, bigger off and on buttons), which was also made by a fellow artist. Also made the unique textures for those props, and changed the mouse icon.

I also have been working on rigging skinning and animating the character. The model has been made by a fellow artist. I did however change the hands, to make it easier to open and close, for the rig/skin/animation. So far I have a running animation, walking, Idle, and waiting animation. Also the hands open and close, for holding weapons.

Finally, I also have been working on improving the pause menu.

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