Menu + dynamic elevator + one hand weapon

This week I did quite some extensive work.

1.First off, as a remark of one of our teachers, I changed the two handed character interaction to one handed.

E to pick up left right handed weapon, which is actioned with the left mouse button.

Personally not so fond of it, but for now I commented out all the code, but I plan to add the possibility to choose between both  options in the future.

2.Next big change I added, is the interactive menu. Most of it is handled with animation through the animator.
The basic idea goes as follows:

  • The big board on the wall will display the controls. And when those are pressed, the will be highlighted on it.
  • The bookshelf will display the game Settings.
  • The laptop will display the scoreboard.
  • The desktop computer will allow to fill in the players name, and choose the level. Once you hit the ground, the level starts :p

3. The final thing I have been working on mainly today, is the  dynamic elevator. The inner door, and outer doors work with animation through the animator but the elevator itself works with hardcoded animation.

Only one animation clip is used, keys are changed according to the current position of the elevator, and the destination.

The outer doors wont open as long as the elevator isnt on the right floor. The inner doors wont open as long as the elevator is moving. Which is handled also with hardcoded animation events.

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