Game Ideas – Thomas

I also got some idea’s for a game I want to share.

1.Corpse Platformer

The idea is that if the player die’s and respawns the corpse will still stay there and can be used as jumping pad or other uses like a weight or as a light resource by burning it. With this mechanic the difficulty gets automaticly adjusted by the performance of the player, the more he or she die’s the more opportunity to actually  beat the level.

2.Reverse God game

In this game the idea is instead of creating a Utopia, is to destroy it. The player see is in front of him a small happy village that is doomed by him or her.The player starts with only small actions of destruction like creating a cold for some citizens and collects points to fill up a chaos gauge that will unlock more destructive abilities like burning the crops, infecting all farm animals up to a zombie virus or natural disasters like earthquakes.

3.Graphics changing Puzzle Game

The idea is the player can switch between an pixelated 8 or 16-Bit graphics style and an modern one. By changing the world the player solves a variety of puzzles. For example objects like balls or round now in current game graphics but in older grraphics are thanks to pixels not very round and so not very moveable.


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