Game Ideas – Istvan

Some game ideas for this assignment.

1. Astral Projection

Platform/puzzle game which bases its game-play in leaving your body, with astral projection, to go through walls and other obstacles. There is a maximum range this spirit can leave the body, but it can be extended by using certain checkpoints in the level as some kind of bridges.

2. Blink

Platform/puzzle or infinite runner type of game with timer. The goal of this game is to reach the end point of the level, but the catch is that you can only move while your eyes are closed. While your eyes are open, everything is still, doesn’t move, nor makes a sound. As you close your eyes, everything starts moving faster until it reaches normal behavior, which occurs when your eyes are completely shut. There is a timer, so you have only so much time to keep your eyes open to analyze your next move. The eyes start closing when you press the mouse/eyes button (in case of touch screen) and close entirely either after releasing the key, or after having hold long enough for the eyes to have closed completely. Same flow goes for when opening your eyes. While your eyes are closed, you can still guide yourself through sound.






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